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What is Sistertime?

Sistertime is an Women’s empowerment organization created to assist you in being the best version of you by empowering you to recognize the greatness that you already possess.


How will we empower you?

Through partnership of your fellow Sister’s whom have some of the same struggles , insecurities, strengths, gifts, skills, failures, successes, dreams, and goals as you.


What will I gain from this partnership?

Support, Sisterhood, Freedom, Strength.


What if I don’t like opening up to other women?

Sistertime is a safe haven to dream big , share your journey with no judgement, and be your most authentic you. We are committed to confidentiality & respect.


Who are the members?

We have Sisters who join from all walks of life. Our membership varies from teenagers to seniors. The insight & wisdom from all generations is priceless.


How can I join?

Membership begins by word of mouth & referral base. We are now promoting on social media. Future goals are to partner with other organizations for funding to expand the vision.

I AnYou
You Are Me...


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