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I'm A

Big Deal

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Mikeeba has been a leader in Corporate America for over 20 years. She is a certified leadership trainer specializing in management development. Her unique tutelage style has prepared numerous employees for next level promotion opportunities. Mikeeba is an instructor at the H.E.R School for Woman in Ministry located she is currently studying to obtain her leadership coaching certification from John Maxwell University.

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Mikeeba's influence is evident as she is sought after to share her message of empowerment at various women’s seminars, leadership summits and corporate forums. Her passion has afforded her the opportunity to partner with radio personality Gary Moore of the Gary Moore Live Radio show. Mikeeba brand has recently expanded globally where she will be amongst many renowned leaders at the PM Global Empowerment Conference hosted in London, England.     

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Mikeeba leads by example in an effort to be a positive role model. Mikeeba has mentored hundreds of women in the community, church and workforce. Her transparency has allowed her to capture the hearts of women in an effort to help transform lives. Mikeeba is determined to continue her journey to mentoring women across the world to become the greatest version of themselves. 

The Big Deal Movement

The Big Deal is a movement to empower women to unapologetically walk in the highest level of confidence. Confidence but not arrogance in knowing their value. There is a journey to changing the view of how you see yourself. When you identify the greatness you possess, everyone else will follow.  Things happen in life that may cause you to give up. There may even be a time when you accept defeat as a normal part of life. It is inevitable that in order to move forward you will have to make a decision to choose you. I chose to take the cards that I was dealt and win no matter what.

I am winning today because I know who I am. I am walking in my purpose. I am resilient, I am confident, I am a phenomenal woman, and I am just simply a BIG DEAL and so are YOU! I encourage you to make the bold choice to choose you. Join the movement to self-discovery today by ordering my “I’M A BIG DEAL AND SO ARE YOU book & workbook”.


As you reflect on relatable parts of my life’s journey, it will humanize our unspoken bond of strength. The stories I share in this book reflect the lives of millions of women across the world. The only difference in our stories is that I chose to be bold enough to break my silence and use my story to empower others. My transparency in my book provides you my perspective as a tool to guide you through how to utilize life challenges as fuel to ignite purpose. 

Your life is literally going to transform. This book will assist you in capturing pivotal moments in your self-discovery process. Are you ready for your life to change? Are you ready to rule the world?  Are you ready for the challenge? Are you ready to put in the work? You were born to experience all that you have gone through in order to help others. Come on my sister Let’s GO discover the BIG DEAL in YOU!


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About Mikeeba

Mikeeba Rich, founder of “Sistertime a Women’s Empowerment Organization”, is a motivational speaker, author, and women's empowerment coach. She uses her platform to influence others to discover who they are and what they were born to do. Mikeeba’s relatable personality, unique fashion sense, and passion to influence draws women to her from all walks of life.

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